Hi, I’m Olawunmi


Transformational Life Coach aka Midwife of Dreams!

My greatest pleasure is linking hands with Christians to overcome their internal and external barriers and enjoy a wildly successful, superabundant life.

Several years ago, when my own journey of inside-out transformation began, I was a Christian and a total mess – pregnant out of wedlock, jobless, penniless, and battling with depression, bitterness, guilt and every other emotional hellhole you can think of.  It was a dark season of hopelessness, when my own faulty self-beliefs were threatening to destroy the life I was born to live…

How May I Serve You?


Does it feel like you’ve been going round and round, expending energy and doing all you know to do but the precious dream in your heart continues to be just out of your reach, no matter how much you desire or pursue it?

Our transformational coaching program is highly successful in helping clients break out of situations that have persisted and defied their every move, so that they can ease into their beautiful and precious new level.


Do you want to be a Successful Career/Business Woman, Wife & Mother? Do you want to enjoy the superabundant life WITHOUT SACRIFICING ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE?​

Our year-long membership program offers you practical, down-to-earth mentoring that inspires, guides and encourages you to step into God’s SuperAbundance in the seven most important areas of life.​


I have been speaking at events, conferences, church services and school assemblies for more than fifteen years.

A participant at a recent event said, “Olawunmi has an incredible gift of communicating an idea in a simple and visual way, and she is especially talented at weaving captivating stories into her teaching.

If you would like me to speak at your next event, click below to connect with or contact me.

Success Stories

Before I worked with Olawunmi, my message was all over the place and I struggled with consistency. I kept trying to secure paying clients without success. I had a strong passion for my business but I got to the point where I seriously considered closing my business!

Through her coaching, I realized immediately that I didn’t have clarity on my message and business niche and that I was trying so hard to get sales instead of trusting God for the results. She truly helped me see that as a believer, I don’t have to manipulate sales techniques to get what God has for me as long as I have clarity and God as the foundation of my business.

After clarifying my message and entrusting the process to God, I signed a client immediately and I now see clearly which direction to go in.

Olawunmi really has a heart for her work and genuinely wants every single believer to succeed. Her compassion mixed with straight talk, no fluff, is the perfect combination. If you take her tips and do the work you will see results. I’m forever grateful!

Regina Green – John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer (Florida, United States)

Wisdom for SuperAbundance

Three Subtle but Powerful Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success

Three Subtle but Powerful Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success

Did you know that it’s possible to be WORKING HARD towards a goal that you’re subconsciously resisting because deep down you are holding on to beliefs that are in direct conflict with that goal? And did you know that no matter what you do, that negative belief will keep showing up to sabotage your success?

These types of beliefs are called limiting beliefs and they are not so easy to identify, or to even accept when brought to your attention. In this blog post, I highlight THREE subtle but very powerful negative beliefs that could be holding you back from your biggest successes in life.