If you want your plans to succeed, start here

When I came to the UK, I brought with me all the money I had in the whole world. Guess how much it was? £0. Seriously, no joke. I had zero. And oh, I was heavily pregnant.So baby on the way that would be completely dependent on me, no job, no money and even though I had family, they had their own responsibilities and I knew I had to make my own way. That’s enough to scare the breath out of anyone.

But I wasn’t scared. In fact I was so confid…ent that my dear mother was convinced I had lost my mind! What she didn’t know was that on a particular day about 2 months earlier, I was sat in my room in Lagos, Nigeria, completely dejected and depressed, emotionally shattered, feeling sorry for myself and out of my desperation I’d cried out to God for help. He’d simply said to me: “Take out your notebook and begin to write down exactly where you want to be a year from today.” My first reaction was something like, “Seriously? A year from today I might be dead from starvation! Can’t you see it’s a hopeless situation!”

But I obeyed. I wrote down in CLEAR DETAIL exactly where I wanted to be, what I wanted to be earning, where I wanted to live, what I wanted to earn. As I wrote those things, a voice in my head kept mocking me, “Hahaha, nice try Olawunmi. You want to live where? Doing what? Earning how much? These are the early symptoms of delusion!” I ignored it and just kept writing until I was satisfied with the picture I’d painted of my dream future.

So I had my list and it gave me a ray of hope, but I still had no clue what to do or how to get there! I was still stuck in my rut…(I continue the story in my next post. See below to access it.)

Today, my tip is: if you want to get out of your financial rut (or any rut!), you don’t start by “doing stuff” or running around looking for solutions. You have to first of all sit down and create a clear picture in your mind of where you want to be.

Lift up now your eyes and LOOK FROM WHERE YOU ARE; For AS FAR AS YOU CAN SEE, I will give to you. Genesis‬ ‭13:14-15‬

Since that day 15 years ago, I have developed my goal achieving techniques into a comprehensive and highly effective system, Goal Execution and Mastery System (GEMS) that helps you set the destination you desire and more importantly, craft your mind to accept it.

This is without exception, the first step in achieving meaningful goals in life.

(I continue the story in my next post. Access it here.)

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