VIDEO: Feeling Stuck & Dissatisfied? Here’s What To do.

Have you ever been in a place where you’re doing everything you know to do, yet you feel stuck and the people you started the journey with are zooming past you at an accelerated rate?

When you have desired change for so long but you’re still so dissatisfied with the present outcomes?

When you seem to be in a season of unending dissatisfaction?

In my latest teaching from Bible Heroes series, I examine the life of a bible hero who came from behind the pack to win the biggest prize of all.



Hannah was barren and constantly subjected to taunts and abuse from her husband’s other wife, who already had a truck load of children.

She had put up with this deeply distressing situation for years and years, and even though her husband did his best to cheer her up she remained inconsolable, determined to see her situation change.

By studying this incredible woman’s tenacity in the face of hopelessness, I extracted four lessons that are certainly still relevant today.

Lesson 1: When you are experiencing deep and prolonged dissatisfaction with your present situation, know that it is an indication a change of season is upon you.

Lesson 2: Don’t accept relief that is trying to completely override that feeling of dissatisfaction. Without it, you won’t have the strength to push into your new season.

Lesson 3: The only place to birth the new season God has for you is in intense prayer.

Hannah’s story is packed full of life lessons and I had a lot of fun studying it.

Olawunmi xx

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