VIDEO: How Can You Help When A Friend Falls?

At some point in life, we all make decisions or take actions that could leave us facing negative consequences.

When this happens to someone you’re connected to, how should you respond?

Especially when the consequences are well deserved?

Joseph as a law-abiding man had every right and inclination to have Mary (plus baby Jesus in her womb) stoned to death for breaking their betrothal and falling pregnant by “another man.” Likewise, King Darius could have been indifferent when a decree he himself passed into law put Daniel in harm’s way.

But there was something else driving these two men. Even when full judgment was due and deserved, they allowed compassion to rule flow through them instead.

By studying the lives of these two men, I learnt three things.



Lesson 1: Even when the consequence of a person’s actions are well deserved, by default, do your best to shield them from public ridicule and minimize its negative impact on their life.

Lesson 2: If you are a person ruled by emotions, there is a level of success and purpose in God that will remain inaccessible to you.

Lesson 3: When you can’t shield people from the consequences of their actions, become their intercessor. Take on the position of prayer and fasting for their deliverance and restoration.

As always, I shared so much more in this bible study. Watch the full video.

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