VIDEO: How To Recover What Was Lost

Is there an area of your life that started off beautifully but has lost its shine? Lost intimacy in your marriage? A stellar career that’s plateaued? A star child that’s starting to misbehave?

In this video, I shared three steps from the parable of the lost coin on how to bring any area of your life back in alignment with God has written about it.



Step 1: Acknowledge that there is more to the situation than you currently see, then seek God for the clarity you need.

Step 2: Once God opens your eyes to what needs to be addressed, engage with the wisdom that is already present in your environment to solve that problem. Books, courses, etc.

Step 3: Stay with it and don’t give up until you have seen the full manifestation of the change you desire.

I shared so much more in the video.

Olawunmi ❤

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