VIDEO: Want God To Promote You? Stay Away From This.

Ever heard the saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

Well, it’s actually not true. A relationship formed purely based on mutual dislike or disapproval of a third party is built on a faulty foundation and will not end well.

Baanah was one of the captains in the king’s army. He was well respected and had successfully climbed the ranks to be one of the most important people in Israel.

But when trouble hit the kingdom and the king was at his weakest, Baanah allowed his personal ambition to drive his decisions. He tried to form an alliance with the king’s enemy and it cost him everything.

I learnt three things from studying this man’s life.



Lesson 1: Don’t automatically take the presence of challenges in a place you’re planted as an opportunity to jump ship. Be led by the inward witness, not by your external circumstances.

Lesson 2: When you’re determined to go your own way, you open yourself up to deception and it becomes easy to rebel against your deepest convictions.

Lesson 3: Resist the temptation to pull others down so that you can rise. It never ends well.

Watch the video as I discuss these lessons and extract much more from this story.




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