VIDEO: The Secret To Your Breakthrough

Do you have a challenge in your life that has persisted despite your best efforts and you have almost given up hope?

Then, you need a breakthrough.

A breakthrough is defined as any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase that removes a barrier to progress.

To the casual observer, the Shunammite Woman has it all. She was wealthy and successful, notable and influential in society, and in a wonderful marriage. But there was still one area of her life that was deficient, painful and hopeless in her eyes.

When her breakthrough came, it was through one simple habit that anyone can practise.



By studying the life of this inspiring woman, I learnt three things:

Lesson 1: Don’t wish to live someone else’s life. You only have the grace to bear and overcome the challenges in YOUR own life, not theirs. 

Lesson 2: A habit of helping strangers – people who you have NO obligation to and from whom you have nothing to gain – opens you up to supernatural breakthroughs in the area of your greatest need. 

Lesson 3: Don’t be shocked or tempted to point accusing fingers when a blessing from God is attacked by the enemy. The right response is to take a stand and fight until what is rightfully yours is restored.

I shared so much more in this bible study. Watch the video for more.

Olawunmi ❤️

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