VIDEO: Why You Can’t – And Shouldn’t – Help Everybody

When you see someone in need, it is natural to want to reach out and help them. That’s the way human beings are designed.

But not everyone can or should be helped. Because it will do more damage than good.

In this video, I examined how a wise woman’s decision and courage to withhold help from one man ended up saving her city and many lives from being destroyed.



By studying the events leading up to her wise decision, I learnt three things.

Lesson 1: It is far easier to uproot a seedling than to wait until it becomes a tree. In other words, address a problem while it is small and your strength far outweighs its resistance.

Lesson 2: Not every need that crosses your path, no matter how desperate, is yours to meet.

Lesson 3: Just like the prodigal son returned home to his father because he had no one to help him, there are times when refusing to help a person is actually the greatest help you can give them.

I shared so much more life lessons in this bible study. It is certainly worth watching in full.

Olawunmi ❤

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