VIDEO: The Downside of Having High Expectations

Holding a person or yourself to high expectations usually has a positive effect.

But it is also easy to take it too far, where nothing short of superhuman effort is celebrated or even recognized.

In this video, I examine the life of a bible character whose tendency to be harshly critical and difficult to please brought him a lot of success at first but eventually led to his downfall.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why the differences in any relationship should not be seen as a threat but as its greatest strengths.
  • The real effect of being critical and judgmental of self and others. (Nope, it does not inspire change.)
  • The most effective way to inspire yourself and others to positive and lasting change.

I shared so much more life lessons in this Bible study. It is certainly worth watching in full.

Olawunmi ❤


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