Against All Odds: An Inspiring Story of Success After Crushing Failure

Do you believe that you can achieve outstanding success irrespective of the failure you have been through?

In this episode of the Super Abundant Life podcast, I interviewed Esther Solomon-Edun who achieved a successful professional career against all odds.

When Esther completed her university education, as a young ambitious woman she had big dreams of becoming a successful corporate executive. But there was one small problem; she had graduated with a Third Class and recruiters were determined not to hire what one called a “sub-standard” graduate.

Everywhere she turned, doors were shut in her face despite consistently outperforming people who graduated with a better class of degrees. What she had once believed was a temporary setback had quickly become a formidable mountain that drove her into a place of hopelessness.

Nevertheless, Esther went on to achieve multiple successes in both the corporate and business worlds, and she is also on her way to obtaining a Ph.D. from a prestigious university in the U.K.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

– How Esther refused to allow people and circumstances to define her by a past failure
– How she learned to lean on the help of God to manifest her true potentials
– How you can achieve what you have once seen as an impossible dream.

If you’ve ever considered giving up on your dreams, this episode is a must-listen

Listen below.

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