Stop Giving Away Your Power!

Is there someone in your life who you believe “always brings out the worst in you?” Or perhaps, does the type of day you have depend significantly on what mood your spouse is in, or how people treat you?

The greatest power God has given every human being is the free will to think, feel and act independent of any external factor. But when we make others the source of our happiness, we give this power away.

This week, I unveil, through the life of a Bible character, how we give away our God-given power and right to create the outcomes of our life by taking the back seat and letting others control how we think, feel, or behave.

In this episode you’ll hear:

– A phenomenally successful bible character who ended up losing it all because he was too hung up on ONE MAN’s opinion of him.

– Eight possible ways you have been giving your power away.

– How to take back your power and be free to steer your life in alignment with your deepest convictions.

Listen below.

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Olawunmi ❤

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