How To Become A Miracle Magnet And Open Your Life To A Floodgate Of Blessings

Over the years, I came in contact with a principle that revolutionised my thinking and transformed my life from a beggary Christian to a co-creation of God. 

Before this transformation, I was a young Christian lady, fresh out of university, seven and a half months pregnant, single, an active pastor at my university fellowship, and a role model to many young, vibrant women.

I was pregnant and single with no plan of a shotgun wedding.

Take a second and imagine the frame of mind I was in and the darkness that threatened to swallow me up. I was depressed, angry, bitter, and full of shame. 

I felt completely worthless. Thoughts of hopelessness dominated my mind. I saw no way out.

The shame I was feeling hid me completely away, that no one could visit. But for some reason, a friend of mine showed up, and I decided to let him in. 

My frequent cry unto God orchestrated that visit and as my friend walked in, he handed me a book that transformed my life completely.

Without a doubt, I knew the book contained answers to the heartfelt prayer I had prayed to God.

Immediately, I devoured the book like someone that had been starved of food for many days.

Growing up as a baby Christian, I knew little about actively partnering with God to create miracles in my life. I was taught that it was all up to God.

However, as I grew and matured in Christ, I got hold of certain spiritual truths and principles that established my partnership with God for my desired miracles.

Realising this truth and putting it into practice made me a co-creator with God as I deployed the power in God’s word to create the life of my dreams.

After about a month of practising the truth diligently, miracles popped up everywhere in my life.

Prior to the mind-blowing, jaw-dropping miracles, one desire was very clear in my mind, I wanted to move from Lagos, Nigeria to the United Kingdom. 

Naturally, this was literally an impossible goal as I had no job, no money to get a passport and I was almost 8 months pregnant?

But amid all these impossibilities, my strong and very clear desire remained unshaken. 

Within a month, I got my passport and was on my way to the U.K. nine months pregnant with a two-year visa.

Although I arrived in London with zero pounds, within 3 months I was enrolled as an international student in a post-graduate program, with half the fees paid upfront. 

Within six months, everything I had envisioned for my life in the U.K. found its way effortlessly into my life.

I literally became a Miracle Magnet!

Back then, I didn’t exactly know why what I did worked, I just knew that it did.

The Holy Spirit taught me through Scriptures that made me realise it wasn’t a random occurrence but a scriptural principle.

Without exaggeration, the principle became responsible for every mega breakthrough I experienced in my life.

Now, the following are simple steps that can change the trajectory of your life when you deploy the power of scriptural principles and declarations:

Step 1: Identify a singular, clear, heartfelt desire you want to see manifested in this season of your life.

Isaiah 49 records how God formed you, made your mouth like a sharpened sword, a polished arrow and how he concealed you in his quiver.

Know this, your mouth is God’s weapon. It is the sharpened arrow in God’s quiver, which he wields to conquer the enemy.

Therefore, the word of God in your mouth is the most potent force on the face of this earth. You have to consistently declare the word of God for angels to execute and bring the will of God to pass in your life. 

Step 2: Go to God and let him show you a scripture that promises you the outcome you desire

Once you have identified your heartfelt desire, immediately go to God and ask him to give you a specific scripture that will become a powerful creative force in your mouth regarding that situation.

Even if you have no clue of how to hear from God or receive a direct scripture that speaks directly to your heartfelt desire.

Start by carving out a quiet time. Create an atmosphere that is conducive to hear from God by putting on worship songs and spending time giving God thanks.

As you do this, the Holy Spirit will unveil scriptures either by giving you a direct scripture with a chapter and verse, bring a word, a phrase or a verse to your mind so you can then search for the scripture or you can simply use a concordance and search for as many scriptures as you can find regarding that situation.

Step 3: Meditate on that scripture until you can personalise it into a statement that fits your specific situation.

Certainly, it is not sufficient for you to receive a word from God without meditating, declaring and pressing into prayer with it. That’s why most prophecies seem not to materialise.

Speak the word out loud to yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten you with more wisdom that will bring your request to reality by causing you to find favour with people positioned to assist you fulfil that desire. 

Step 4: Create room for God to bring that desire supernaturally into your life by declaring, praying, and worshipping him over his word daily.

Never relent, but continue speaking that word until you’re so confident it will happen. It is usually at this point that miracles break loose in your life.

The more diligent you are in declaring that word and praying over it, the more room you give the Holy Spirit to bring it to pass in your life. If you are not speaking God’s word, the Holy Spirit has nothing to work with.

Remember, the Word of God in your mouth is the most potent force on the face of this earth. Ephesians 6:17 says the Word of God in your mouth is the sword of the Spirit.

This is the secret that opens your life to a floodgate of miracles and if you diligently practise these truths, you will be shocked at how far God will transform your life.

Spend some time thinking about this:

God does not create miracles with physical tools. He uses the power of his word to create the physical. The same way he commanded, and the earth came into being. In the same way, the Word in your mouth is a powerful weapon. Not just his word alone and not just your mouth alone. It is you declaring His Word out of your mouth that produces an unstoppable force for the manifestation of that promise. 

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