Are you longing for PROGRESS that can only be described as


Hi, I’m Olawunmi.


As a transformational coach, I specialise in helping Christians experience divine and practical solutions to problems and challenges that have defied their every move so far.

What that simply means is this:

If you have a challenge in your life that you have struggled with on and off for a long time;

You have tried everything you know to do;

At different points, you have exhausted yourself emotionally and physically trying to break through but the problem has refused to shift and even appears to be getting worse;

Then, you are exactly the one I am called to!


What sort of supernatural results am I referring to?

Let me give you three examples.

First Ibiyemi, whom I helped to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming an author. So that you can appreciate the struggles she experienced, let me give you a bit of her backstory.

Ibiyemi is a Senior Executive Lawyer and Company Secretary for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. She loves what she does and is extremely good at it but as you can imagine, it very demanding work. With that, she is married with a daughter, is heavily involved in community give-back programs including running a charity that mentors young career professionals all over the United Kingdom and beyond. Wow, what a whopper!

But. In spite of an already full life, she deeply desired to expand her influence and help more people by writing a book that would go where she couldn’t go physically. She didn’t want to write a quick PDF guide, or churn out a small 50-page book…she wanted a comprehensive manual that would impact generations to come!

Here is Ibiyemi in her own words:

For several years, I had struggled with finding the time or the required “push” to work on a book that I strongly desired to write. I knew that I had a message that I wanted to share through the book but each time I set my mind to write the book, I got distracted with other things.

My typical day would start around 4 am and by the end of the day, I was usually too exhausted to do anything cerebral or engage in any mental exercise. So, I kept procrastinating and pushing it back. 

Eventually, I made a commitment to myself to write the book during my maternity leave. Boy, had I underestimated the demands of a new baby! I didn’t realise that caring for my baby would put everything else on the back burner. 

 By this point, I was in a mental state of despair, helplessness and mild depression, with a constant nagging feeling of failure…and I knew I needed someone to help me.

That was when Olawunmi stepped in.

 My time with Olawunmi impacted my life significantly. First of all, she helped me change my perspective and see the challenges that I was facing in a different light. She helped me realise that the challenge was not the issue, but not knowing the right strategy. I came to understand that different challenges require different strategies and the important thing is understanding how to apply the right strategy to each challenge.

 During my time working with Olawunmi, I had several “wins”. Of course, I was able to write the book within my desired time frame (6 weeks!) even though the numerous challenges I had prior to that were still very much present.

When the final words were written, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I’d had the book in my heart for so long and to actually see it brought to life, possibly at the busiest period of my life was truly inspiring. But beyond that, perhaps my biggest “win” was coming to the realisation that I can’t do it all and being able to identify the seasons in my life when it is necessary to seek help outside of myself.


THREE-FOLD CORD Coaching Program

September to December 2017



Second Example


Prior to working with me, another client of mine described her life as “chaotic, stressed, living with a constant feeling of pressure, inadequacy and stagnancy, no prayer life or communion with God to write home about.”

She had begun to feel resentful of the demands that were being placed on her by her husband, kids and career.

She felt choked and trapped.

After three months of working with me, she had this to say:

Working with Olawunmi has helped my relationship with my husband a lot!

I used to be angry all the time because I was so overwhelmed and stressed with work, home, family, kids…everything!

I was always playing catch up with a million activities and I felt so alone.

One of the things Olawunmi did was to help me implement a model that drastically reduced my work load and gave me such peace of mind and a renewed enjoyment of life.

My productivity at work has multiplied and I am fitter and healthier with a weight loss of almost 10kg (approx. 20lbs).

My husband recently commented on the fact that I am not constantly moody and angry anymore and I am more understanding and affectationate with him and the children. Our sex life has also improved. It’s been great!

Mrs Y. Oyekan



Ready for the third Example?



Well, it is my own personal story.

I don’t teach what hasn’t worked for me!



But by applying the same practical God-inspired strategies I will show you, my own life has been effortlessly transformed,

From broke and broken to healed, restored and prosperous;

From joblessness in a foreign country to Senior Leadership in a competitive career – a rare feat for a black (minority), female immigrant in England;

From a 9 to 5 to a profitable business with a dream lifestyle that allows me to invest time and energy in the things I love;

From sharing a tiny single room with my daughter to owning a profitable property rental business;

From being a single mother to married to an amazing man I don’t deserve;

From an overwhelming pit of shame and depression to a platform of influence that lifts others up;

From a negative, victim mindset to living victoriously with an attitude of gratitude.

Olawunmi Brigue