“You have circled around this mountain long enough; now turn north.” Deuteronomy‬ ‭2:2-3‬

Are you at that point where you’ve had enough? Has it been two steps forward and ten steps for as long as you can remember? Does it feel like you’ve gone round and round, done all you know to do, expended energy, shed secret tears from the pain and frustration that this precious dream you have kept in your heart continues to be just out of your reach, no matter how much you desire or pursue it?

What is that long-awaited dream? Let me start by encouraging you with this – your dream is possible; God gave it to you and it is waiting patiently to come into your life. Hope is not lost.

I’ve observed from the events in my own life and through working with my clients that there is a strong grace on my life that empowers people to break out of situations that have persisted and defied their every move, so that they can ease into their beautiful and precious new level.


The inside-out transformational coaching i offer is built on my signature 5 GEMS of Supernatural Living:

1.  Clarity

Fuzziness is one of the biggest dream killers. Sift your true desires from floating fantasies and gain crystal-clear clarity. Be empowered for success by knowing, articulating and documenting what you really want.

2. Conforming Beliefs

Identify and destroy the negative belief systems that have effortlessly regulated your life and limited your progress.

3. Strategy

Identify the gap between your current situation and your final destination. Then craft a winning strategy that scores you easy wins and multiplies your confidence fast!

4. Focus

Nothing leaks power faster than multiple targets. Clearly identify the one thing you must focus on per time. Eliminate time and energy wasting activities and accelerate your progress.

5. God-Factor

Inject the Supernatural into your dreams and create divine coincidences and connections through focused prayers and inspired confessions based on God’s Word.

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