Before my sessions with Olawunmi, I was confused and unclear about my goals for the new year. As a jobseeker, I didn’t quite know what direction to take. I remember clearly how her choice of words helped to clarify my thought process and her encouragement gave me the confidence to start, even with what I considered to be so little! Now I have started an online course and taken up volunteering positions to gain the required experience.

Another great benefit of working with Olawunmi is that she does very well in holding me accountable in a supportive and non-judgmental way. Her expectation for feedback coupled with her detailed review process have helped me to achieve a meaningful goal each time we’ve met.

Ayomide Ogundimu

Did you know that your life experiences right now are a direct reflection of the images and beliefs you have internalised?

As your coach, I wouldn’t just lay out strategy and action plans. No. There will be an intentional focus on using the Word of God and prayer to create the life you truly desire through transformation, first on the inside, and then in your experiences. If the root of a matter is not dealt with, effort is ultimated wasted in cutting off the leaves and branches which are merely by-products!

Do you desire transformation in your finances, career, business, marriage or as a parent?

In the not too distant past, I, too, was stuck in the deepest rut imaginable. I was out of work, penniless, pregnant and rejected, bitter, full of guilt and shame, and confused!

By applying the same insights and strategies I will show you, God transformed my life from “broke and broken” to “healed, restored and prosperous.”

From broke and broken to healed, restored and prosperous;

From joblessness in a foreign country to Senior Leadership in a competitive career – a rare feat for a black (minority), female immigrant in England;

From sharing a tiny single room with my daughter to owning a profitable property rental business;

From being a single mother to married to an amazing man I don’t deserve;

From an overwhelming pit of shame to a platform of influence that lifts others up;

From a negative, victim mindset to living victoriously with an attitude of

I am certainly not the exception.

The life you have always dreamed of is waiting for you.

Let me help you ease into a highly impactful and balanced life.