Augusta Massey, Esq. – Managing Attorney, Massey & Associates (Las Vegas, U.S)

I started off 2019 determined that I wouldn’t have a repeat of the last two years.

I had achieved a measure of success in my life but I was at crossroads and wanted to transition into a new level of success on my own terms. I had tried to figure things out on my own but I needed a coach and a system that would consistently deliver results.

That’s when I took GEMS! The impact was almost immediate. What I love about GEMS is that Olawunmi makes it hands on. It’s not just a bunch of videos you have to watch. Rather, she holds your hand and walks you through each class every week. She’s there to answer questions and is available throughout the program to help you in any way. Additionally, her team is very responsible, respectful and courteous. Lastly, I enjoyed going through the class with several women who were just like me, supporting me and encouraging me to reach my goals.

But really, what sets GEMS apart for me was the ability to replicate the same results even after the class was over, including receiving the prestigious Lawyers of Distinction Award and being featured in the New York Times. Truly, I think what makes GEMS special is the God-factor! I don’t want to give much away regarding this part of the program but truly it was the game changer for me. Before GEMS, I achieved success but maintaining it was hit or miss. After GEMS, maintaining success has been a breeze.

Dr Mojisola Adeniji – Senior Registrar, Psychiatry

I started working with Olawunmi in December 2017. It was a very low point in my life where I had lost my sense of direction and needed a lot of insight and clarity into where God was taking me.

By simply applying the GEMS principles that Olawunmi teaches and espouses, my life has been completely turned around. I gained clarity in my career and knew that I wanted to emigrate from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Within three months, I secured a job in England that was exactly what I wanted and everything I needed to relocate effortlessly came through.

I am certainly on another whole new level and can only attribute this to what God has done through Olawunmi and GEMS.

Yewande Oyekan – Compliance Manager, Citi Bank

Working with Olawunmi has helped my relationship with my husband a lot! I used to be angry all the time because I was so overwhelmed and stressed with work, home, family, kids…everything!

I was always playing catch up with a million activities and I felt so alone.

The first thing Olawunmi did was to help me get my prayer life and communion with the Holy Spirit going again. I hadn’t experienced such joyous fellowship in years. Then we also implemented a model that drastically reduced my work load and gave me such peace of mind and a renewed enjoyment of life.

My productivity at work has multiplied and I am fitter and healthier with a weight loss of almost 10kg (approx. 20lbs).

My husband recently commented on the fact that I am not constantly moody and angry anymore and I am more understanding and affectionate with him and the children. Our sex life has also improved.

Life’s been great!

Regina Green – John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer (Florida, United States)

Before I worked with Olawunmi, my message was all over the place and I struggled with consistency. I kept trying to secure paying clients without success. I had a strong passion for my business but I got to the point where I seriously considered closing my business!

Through her coaching, I realized immediately that I didn’t have clarity on my message and business niche and that I was trying so hard to get sales instead of trusting God for the results. She truly helped me see that as a believer, I don’t have to manipulate sales techniques to get what God has for me as long as I have clarity and God as the foundation of my business.

After clarifying my message and entrusting the process to God, I signed a client immediately and I now see clearly which direction to go in.

Olawunmi really has a heart for her work and genuinely wants every single believer to succeed. Her compassion mixed with straight talk, no fluff, is the perfect combination. If you take her tips and do the work you will see results. I’m forever grateful!

Ibiyemi Ifederu – Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, Orange Global (London, United Kingdom)

For several years, I had struggled with finding the time or the required “push” to work on a book that I strongly desired to write. I knew that I had a message that I wanted to share through the book but each time I set my mind to write the book, I got distracted with other things. My typical day would start around 4 am and by the end of the day, I was usually too exhausted to do anything cerebral or engage in any mental exercise. So, I kept procrastinating and pushing it back.

Eventually, I made a commitment to myself to write the book during my maternity leave. Boy, had I underestimated the demands of a new baby! I didn’t realise that caring for my baby would put everything else on the back burner.

By this point, I was in a mental state of despair, helplessness and mild depression, with a constant nagging feeling of failure…and I knew I needed someone to help me. That was when Olawunmi stepped in.

My time with Olawunmi impacted my life significantly. First of all, she helped me change my perspective and see the challenges that I was facing in a different light. She helped me realise that the challenge was not the issue, but not knowing the right strategy. I came to understand that different challenges require different strategies and the important thing is understanding how to apply the right strategy to each challenge.

During my time working with Olawunmi, I had several “wins”. Of course, I was able to write the book within my desired time frame (6 weeks!) even though the numerous challenges I had prior to that were still very much present. When the final words were written, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I’d had the book in my heart for so long and to actually see it brought to life, possibly at the busiest period of my life was truly inspiring.

Ayoola Senbanjo – Senior Associate Lawyer (Lagos, Nigeria)

I struggled with fear, procrastination and limiting beliefs that prevented me from getting to where I wanted to be. My typical day was usually a drag. Despite working hard, it would end with dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment. I always felt like my potential was not being fully utilised and I had come to the point where I believed my deepest desires and my dream life were no longer possible.

My life has been greatly impacted by working with Olawunmi. Firstly, my prayer life has immensely improved. I am now enjoying a consistent time of praise, prayer, dancing, worship, scriptural declarations, bible study and meditation as part of my daily routine. I always look forward to that time of fellowship, particularly the clear instructions and insights from the Holy Spirit that are helping me to enjoy results in the area of my goals.

Secondly, the negative thinking habits that were limiting me have been identified and discarded! Fear has given way to courage and I am more confident and positive in my thinking and beliefs. As a result, I am confidently taking steps I had never been bold enough to take.

Thirdly, I am no longer a serial “procrastinator” and I now spend my time wisely on the activities that are taking me to my dreams. Now my typical day is vibrant and energetic and I feel deeply fulfilled as I move confidently in the direction I desire.

Dr Ngozi Erondu PhD, MPH

Olawunmi has been a personal and professional mentor to me for the past two years. Before my many conversations with her, I sat very confused about knowing how and when to start and knowing what exactly God wanted me to do in my life.

The best advice that I received from Olawunmi was: “Just start!” She helped me to see that faith was believing that God would redirect me if I went the wrong way. This new understanding opened up levels of confidence and erased my decision-making paralysis.

Alongside my newfound ability to make decisions, Olawunmi gave me structure and helped me to articulate my vision for my career, health, and relationship goals. I enjoyed that she heroically shared her stories of personal challenge and encouraged us to push further and not only to speak but do!

Olawunmi is dynamic and encouraging. She is also pragmatic and very wise. I recommend her service to anyone who needs motivation to go after their God given destiny or anyone who has a lot of thoughts and dreams but no plan. Olawunmi will be as invested in your victory as you are—and that is priceless.