Augusta Massey, Esq. – Managing Attorney, Massey & Associates (Las Vegas, U.S)

I started off 2019 determined that I wouldn’t have a repeat of the last two years.

I had achieved a measure of success in my life but I was at crossroads and wanted to transition into a new level of success on my own terms. I had tried to figure things out on my own but I needed a coach and a system that would consistently deliver results.

That’s when I took GEMS! The impact was almost immediate. What I love about GEMS is that Olawunmi makes it hands on. It’s not just a bunch of videos you have to watch. Rather, she holds your hand and walks you through each class every week. She’s there to answer questions and is available throughout the program to help you in any way. Additionally, her team is very responsible, respectful and courteous. Lastly, I enjoyed going through the class with several women who were just like me, supporting me and encouraging me to reach my goals.

But really, what sets GEMS apart for me was the ability to replicate the same results even after the class was over, including receiving the prestigious Lawyers of Distinction Award and being featured in the New York Times. Truly, I think what makes GEMS special is the God-factor! I don’t want to give much away regarding this part of the program but truly it was the game changer for me. Before GEMS, I achieved success but maintaining it was hit or miss. After GEMS, maintaining success has been a breeze.

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