Ayoola Senbanjo – Senior Associate Lawyer (Lagos, Nigeria)

I struggled with fear, procrastination and limiting beliefs that prevented me from getting to where I wanted to be. My typical day was usually a drag. Despite working hard, it would end with dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment. I always felt like my potential was not being fully utilised and I had come to the point where I believed my deepest desires and my dream life were no longer possible.

My life has been greatly impacted by working with Olawunmi. Firstly, my prayer life has immensely improved. I am now enjoying a consistent time of praise, prayer, dancing, worship, scriptural declarations, bible study and meditation as part of my daily routine. I always look forward to that time of fellowship, particularly the clear instructions and insights from the Holy Spirit that are helping me to enjoy results in the area of my goals.

Secondly, the negative thinking habits that were limiting me have been identified and discarded! Fear has given way to courage and I am more confident and positive in my thinking and beliefs. As a result, I am confidently taking steps I had never been bold enough to take.

Thirdly, I am no longer a serial “procrastinator” and I now spend my time wisely on the activities that are taking me to my dreams. Now my typical day is vibrant and energetic and I feel deeply fulfilled as I move confidently in the direction I desire.

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