Dr Ngozi Erondu PhD, MPH

Olawunmi has been a personal and professional mentor to me for the past two years. Before my many conversations with her, I sat very confused about knowing how and when to start and knowing what exactly God wanted me to do in my life.

The best advice that I received from Olawunmi was: “Just start!” She helped me to see that faith was believing that God would redirect me if I went the wrong way. This new understanding opened up levels of confidence and erased my decision-making paralysis.

Alongside my newfound ability to make decisions, Olawunmi gave me structure and helped me to articulate my vision for my career, health, and relationship goals. I enjoyed that she heroically shared her stories of personal challenge and encouraged us to push further and not only to speak but do!

Olawunmi is dynamic and encouraging. She is also pragmatic and very wise. I recommend her service to anyone who needs motivation to go after their God given destiny or anyone who has a lot of thoughts and dreams but no plan. Olawunmi will be as invested in your victory as you are—and that is priceless.

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