Ibiyemi Ifederu – Legal Counsel and Company Secretary, Orange Global (London, United Kingdom)

For several years, I had struggled with finding the time or the required “push” to work on a book that I strongly desired to write. I knew that I had a message that I wanted to share through the book but each time I set my mind to write the book, I got distracted with other things. My typical day would start around 4 am and by the end of the day, I was usually too exhausted to do anything cerebral or engage in any mental exercise. So, I kept procrastinating and pushing it back.

Eventually, I made a commitment to myself to write the book during my maternity leave. Boy, had I underestimated the demands of a new baby! I didn’t realise that caring for my baby would put everything else on the back burner.

By this point, I was in a mental state of despair, helplessness and mild depression, with a constant nagging feeling of failure…and I knew I needed someone to help me. That was when Olawunmi stepped in.

My time with Olawunmi impacted my life significantly. First of all, she helped me change my perspective and see the challenges that I was facing in a different light. She helped me realise that the challenge was not the issue, but not knowing the right strategy. I came to understand that different challenges require different strategies and the important thing is understanding how to apply the right strategy to each challenge.

During my time working with Olawunmi, I had several “wins”. Of course, I was able to write the book within my desired time frame (6 weeks!) even though the numerous challenges I had prior to that were still very much present. When the final words were written, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I’d had the book in my heart for so long and to actually see it brought to life, possibly at the busiest period of my life was truly inspiring.

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