Regina Green – John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer (Florida, United States)

Before I worked with Olawunmi, my message was all over the place and I struggled with consistency. I kept trying to secure paying clients without success. I had a strong passion for my business but I got to the point where I seriously considered closing my business!

Through her coaching, I realized immediately that I didn’t have clarity on my message and business niche and that I was trying so hard to get sales instead of trusting God for the results. She truly helped me see that as a believer, I don’t have to manipulate sales techniques to get what God has for me as long as I have clarity and God as the foundation of my business.

After clarifying my message and entrusting the process to God, I signed a client immediately and I now see clearly which direction to go in.

Olawunmi really has a heart for her work and genuinely wants every single believer to succeed. Her compassion mixed with straight talk, no fluff, is the perfect combination. If you take her tips and do the work you will see results. I’m forever grateful!

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