VIDEO: The Biggest Threat To Your Success

In life, it is rarely the big calamities that derail or destroy dreams. Just like a tiny pebble has the power to stop a runner in his tracks. Usually, it’s the little things, the small bad habits left unaddressed, that eventually ruin dreams and aspirations.

In this video, I examined the life of a man called Achan, whose one tiny, seemingly insignificant act of weakness led to a monumental loss for himself and his entire nation.



By studying Achan’s life and the events surrounding his action, I learned three things.

Lesson 1: Victory makes you vulnerable to defeat. After a notable win, your heightened state of confidence makes it is easy to underestimate your next obstacle.

Lesson 2: You will always be unstoppable in the face of failure, no matter how devastating, if you develop a habit of stopping long enough to ask, “Why did it not work?”

Lesson 3: It is usually the little things that pose the biggest risks to your success. Pay close attention to the areas and habits God has been quietly nudging you to change and be quick to address them.

I share so much more in the video that is relevant to life today. Watch in full.

Olawunmi ❤️


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