VIDEO: When A Door Refuses To Open

You have a goal. All the signs indicate you are going in the right direction. But, for a strange reason, the door refuses to open.

Is the enemy trying to steal what’s yours and you should push harder?

Or, is the closed door God’s way of asking you to change direction?

This week I study the life of Abimelech who faced this very situation and I extracted three lessons on how to respond when faced with an obstacle that just will not shift.



Lesson 1: There is a difference between a fantasy and a God-given dream. One is motivated purely by wanting something purely because it looks good and will quickly fade away with unfavourable conditions. The other is a heartfelt desire that you cannot shake off even with the toughest opposition.

Lesson 2: It is better to step out on a conviction and make a mistake than to be paralysed by fear and never do anything.

Lesson 3: The most important quality in your pursuit of any goal is your malleability in God’s hands. That is, your ability to be easily influenced by his corrections along the way.

I shared so much more in this bible study. Well worth watching in full.

Olawunmi ❤️

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