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Recent Posts

Three Subtle but Powerful Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success

Did you know that it’s possible to be WORKING HARD towards a goal that you’re subconsciously resisting because deep down you are holding on to beliefs that are in direct conflict with that goal? And did you know that no matter what you do, that negative belief will keep showing up to sabotage your success?

These types of beliefs are called limiting beliefs and they are not so easy to identify, or to even accept when brought to your attention. In this blog post, I highlight THREE subtle but very powerful negative beliefs that could be holding you back from your biggest successes in life.

Stop Giving Away Your Power!

Is there someone in your life who you believe “always brings out the worst in you?” Or perhaps, does the type of day you have depend significantly on what mood your spouse is in, or how people treat you? The greatest power God has given every human being is the free...

How To Experience Total Restoration In Any Area Of Your Life

Is there an area of your life that started off beautifully but has lost its shine or stagnated? Maybe it's a marriage that has lost its intimacy. Perhaps, career or business that was once flying but has become unfulfilling and unprofitable. Or it could be a star child...

Every Disadvantage in Your Life is A Blessing in Disguise

The single most common reason why people don’t fulfill their dreams is the belief that they have some kind of disadvantage that disqualifies them from that dream. That’s why so many people never even take the first step. They assess the situation and based on...

If You Want Your Success To Last, You Need This Lifestyle

I once read a great quote: “Success is fleeting, It is significance that endures that lasts.” With enough ambition and focus, anyone can achieve success. But can it be sustained? Well, no, not really. Not if a rarely-celebrated character trait is missing from your...

If God’s Word Cannot Fail, Why Didn’t It Work?

Ever been there? God gave you a word and you were certain it would happen in the blink of an eye. But then, a month went by, then two. Months turned into years and you were left feeling doubtful, disappointed or maybe even resentful. If God’s Word cannot fail, why...

VIDEO: Multiply Your Income by Growing Your Sphere of Influence

Expertise is important. But in today’s highly competitive market, it’s not enough. The ability to influence people through your words or your actions is a powerful and necessary tool if you’re looking to progress in your career or grow your business. Because quite...

VIDEO: How (and Why) to Build the Habit of Delayed Gratification

Happiness now, or happiness later? Delayed gratification is the ability to give up a smaller but immediate reward in exchange for a larger, more enduring reward later. And studies have linked a person’s ability to delay gratification to how successful they will turn...

VIDEO: The Downside of Having High Expectations

Holding a person or yourself to high expectations usually has a positive effect. But it is also easy to take it too far, where nothing short of superhuman effort is celebrated or even recognized. In this video, I examine the life of a bible character whose tendency to...